Pet supplies

Pet supplies
Crude protein 37%, crude oils and fats 20%, crude fiber 2.1%, crude ash 10.8%, Omega-6: 3.8%, Omega 3: 0.8%, Calcium 2.8%, Phosphorous 1.5%, Taurine 2000 mg/kg. Dry chicken meal (65%), minced chicken (17%), potatoes, brewer's yeast, beet pulp, chicken broth, salmon oil, vitamins and minerals,..
86.25 SAR
Ex Tax:75.00 SAR
bow hair clip The color is chosen at random One piece Non-refundable product.....
11.50 SAR
Ex Tax:10.00 SAR
Large hair cutting and straightening comb One piece Non-refundable product.....
28.75 SAR
Ex Tax:25.00 SAR
Kit Cat  Chicken and Fiber Puree Bear Puree Cat Food Set Consists of 4 packs, 15 g Key Features • Provided with fresh ingredients to keep your pet healthy and happy and strong • Rich in content and delicious taste, making it the perfect food for pets • Rich in nutrients se..
14.95 SAR
Ex Tax:13.00 SAR
Brand: 19v69
Kitcat canned chicken and salmon in gravy 100% free of added gluten-free 70 g Non-refundable product.....
7.48 SAR
Ex Tax:6.50 SAR
Kitcat  Milk for cats only 250 ml Non-refundable product.....
17.25 SAR
Ex Tax:15.00 SAR
Kitcat Wet food with tuna and crab 400g Non-refundable product.....
10.35 SAR
Ex Tax:9.00 SAR
Kitcat Canned chicken with gravy 100% free of added gluten-free 70g Non-refundable product.....
10.35 SAR
Ex Tax:9.00 SAR
Alonsi cat litter box open cat litter box with plastic shovel , Easy to clean litter box Non-refundable product.....
87.40 SAR
Ex Tax:76.00 SAR
64.40 SAR
Ex Tax:56.00 SAR
Dry food for cats from Meow Mix Company, a mixture of several delicious flavors of chicken, turkey, salmon and sea fish Complete and balanced food Antioxidant for better health Provides all essential vitamins High quality muscle support and health Made in the USA 6.44 kg Non-returnable pr..
126.50 SAR
Ex Tax:110.00 SAR
Seafood Party Mix From the Felix collection Dairy flavor 60g Non-refundable product...ِ..
11.50 SAR
Ex Tax:10.00 SAR
Patterned fabric cat collar The color is chosen at random One piece Non-refundable product.....
12.65 SAR
Ex Tax:11.00 SAR
- The selected Felix food provides all the essential vitamins, proteins and minerals to help build strong bones, muscles and teeth. Felix has its own and very delicious recipes. These delicious meals are a source of essential omega-6 fatty acids. They have the right mix of balanced minerals and vita..
52.04 SAR
Ex Tax:45.25 SAR
Schesir Canned Tuna and Chicken with Rice     Contains tuna rich in omega 3,6 to prevent hair loss and for skin health    Contains chicken rich in protein needed for muscle fiber growth    Chesir . brand    Schesir Brand Pet Food i..
10.93 SAR
Ex Tax:9.50 SAR
A scoop to get rid of cat litter from Arist Tri Multicolour One piece Non-refundable product..
11.50 SAR
Ex Tax:10.00 SAR
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