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HANDY, DURABLE AND COMPACT If you ever need a simplified LTE handheld to bridge the instant communication between your organizations, TE390 is..
1,322.50 SAR
Ex Tax:1,150.00 SAR
Colour Gold Primary Camera 12 MP Display Resolution 1080x1920 Display Type IPS LCD Scr..
2,127.50 SAR
Ex Tax:1,850.00 SAR
Ulefone Note 11P
-15 %
Highlights: Dual SIM card 4400mAh bettery RAM 8GB ROM 128GB OS Android  Octa-core CPU Customized button for Walkie Talkie Mak..
771.65 SAR 908.50 SAR
Ex Tax:671.00 SAR
Ulefone Armor 10 5G
-15 %
Highlights:  Unbreakable device Scratch/break-resistant screen Dust/water resistant Wireless Charging Dual SIM card Octa-core CPU..
2,323.00 SAR 2,731.25 SAR
Ex Tax:2,020.00 SAR
Highlights: Dual SIM card Quad-core CPU 2700mAh battery RAM 2GB ROM 16GB OS Android Made in China 2-year warranty from Mjnna Onli..
287.50 SAR
Ex Tax:250.00 SAR
Ulefone Armor X5 Pro
-15 %
Highlights: Unbreakable device Scratch/break-resistant screen Dust/water resistant Dual SIM card Octa-core CPU 4000mAh battery RAM 4..
606.05 SAR 713.00 SAR
Ex Tax:527.00 SAR
Highlights: Unbreakable device Scratch/break-resistant screen Dust/water resistant Dual SIM card Quad-core CPU 4000mAh battery RAM 2..
345.00 SAR
Ex Tax:300.00 SAR
Ulefone Armor 9E
-15 %
  Highlights: Unbreakable device Scratch/break-resistant screen Dust/water resistant Dual SIM card Octa-core CPU 6600mAh bette..
1,739.95 SAR 2,047.00 SAR
Ex Tax:1,513.00 SAR
Specifications Processor Processor Core: Octa Core Physical Characteristics Finger Print (Y/N): No   Face ID: N..
631.35 SAR
Ex Tax:549.00 SAR
Bluetooth (Device)/MagSafe Charging Case, Lightning, Built-in Microphone, White ..
999.35 SAR
Ex Tax:869.00 SAR
cnPilot e600 Stay on top of the latest standards with the high-powered, Gigabit speed, beamforming, Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) 802.11ac wave 2 e600 ..
1,550.20 SAR
Ex Tax:1,348.00 SAR
Cambium networks cnMatrix EX2028-P, Intelligent Ethernet PoE Switch, 24 1G and 4 SFP+ fiber ports - UK power cord cnMatrix[tm] - Enterprise Class C..
6,175.50 SAR
Ex Tax:5,370.00 SAR
Lucky Hand-held fish finder  Lucky Hornet
-30 %
Lucky Hornet   LUCKY HORNET is a creative dual-use fish finder which is inspired by bumblebee, It has all the features of a fish finder, an..
402.50 SAR 575.00 SAR
Ex Tax:350.00 SAR
Nikai halogen heater is an ideal heater. You can use it in your home and your office, this nikay heater is made of premium material . Features: ..
155.25 SAR
Ex Tax:135.00 SAR
HP Notebook 15-dw3041nx Laptop
New -24 %
15.6" FHD IPS Display Processor: Intel Core i7 with speed 2.8GHz RAM: 12GB Internal Memory: 512 GB Intel Iris X graphic card Keyboard l..
3,726.00 SAR 4,887.50 SAR
Ex Tax:3,240.00 SAR
cnPilot r201W Cloud-managed 802.11ac Dual Band Home Wi-Fi router with PoE out. CNPILOT R201W Specifications FEATURES WAN: 1 x GigE, RJ4..
476.10 SAR
Ex Tax:414.00 SAR
Acer Aspire 3
New -22 %
Display size: 39.62 cm (15.6 inch) Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels (full HD) RAM: 4GB HDD 1TB Processor Speed: 1.1GH CPU: Intel Celeron ..
1,127.00 SAR 1,437.50 SAR
Ex Tax:980.00 SAR
Lucky FF916 Sonar Wireless WIFI Fish Finder 50M/130ft Sea Fish Detect Finder For IOS Android Wi-Fi Fishfinder
-20 %
This Wi-Fi fish finder can be used in ocean, river or lake and it is fantastic for detecting fish in any fresh water or salt water. The Wi-Fi transduc..
448.50 SAR 563.50 SAR
Ex Tax:390.00 SAR
Lucky Hand-held fish finder  Lucky Nova
-20 %
LUCKY NOVA  is the wired and wireless 2-in-1 fishing sonar that can meet all fishing types, with the competitive prices and dot-matrix color scre..
690.00 SAR 862.50 SAR
Ex Tax:600.00 SAR
This heater has a plenty of power to make the room heat faster.It has speed settings to set the right temperature, can work as a fan in summer too ..
350.75 SAR
Ex Tax:305.00 SAR
Alonsi cat litter box open cat litter box with plastic shovel , Easy to clean litter box Non-refundable product.....
87.40 SAR
Ex Tax:76.00 SAR
A scoop to get rid of cat litter from Arist Tri Multicolour One piece Non-refundable product..
11.50 SAR
Ex Tax:10.00 SAR
Kit Cat  Chicken and Fiber Puree Bear Puree Cat Food Set Consists of 4 packs, 15 g Key Features • Provided with fresh ingredients to ke..
14.95 SAR
Ex Tax:13.00 SAR
Seafood Party Mix From the Felix collection Dairy flavor 60g Non-refundable product...ِ..
11.50 SAR
Ex Tax:10.00 SAR
Crude protein 37%, crude oils and fats 20%, crude fiber 2.1%, crude ash 10.8%, Omega-6: 3.8%, Omega 3: 0.8%, Calcium 2.8%, Phosphorous 1.5%, Taurine 2..
86.25 SAR
Ex Tax:75.00 SAR
Kitcat  Milk for cats only 250 ml Non-refundable product.....
17.25 SAR
Ex Tax:15.00 SAR
Kitcat Wet food with tuna and crab 400g Non-refundable product.....
10.35 SAR
Ex Tax:9.00 SAR
Large hair cutting and straightening comb One piece Non-refundable product.....
28.75 SAR
Ex Tax:25.00 SAR
64.40 SAR
Ex Tax:56.00 SAR
Patterned fabric cat collar The color is chosen at random One piece Non-refundable product.....
12.65 SAR
Ex Tax:11.00 SAR
Skin type: All skin types Product Description: Reduces the appearance of pigmentation, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. This product ..
58.65 SAR
Ex Tax:51.00 SAR
Hair type: All hair types - Safe for color-treated hair Product Description: An all-in-one formula specifically for the scalp and hair follicles, i..
70.15 SAR
Ex Tax:61.00 SAR
Hair Type: Suitable for all hair types - Safe on color-treated hair Product Description: Adds softness to hard-to-manage hair. Helps detangle and h..
57.50 SAR
Ex Tax:50.00 SAR
no alcohol Product Description: A balanced selection of active ingredients of Propolis and Green Tea helps protect gums and keeps fresh breath. Lea..
34.50 SAR
Ex Tax:30.00 SAR
Skin type: Dry and sensitive skin - suitable for children Dermina Anti-Scratch Repair Balm soothes skin and relieves irritation. Highly concentrate..
115.00 SAR
Ex Tax:100.00 SAR