Hair Care

Hair Care
Argan Oil shampoo
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Brand: ARGALEV أركاليف Model: shampo
Argan Oil shampoo. Argan oil shampoo in this product sends hair on a journey where the fruits are tropical, to soften your hair strands, this highly concentrated formula features argan oil rich in antioxidants, regenerating keratin for cells and fatty acids, and it also creates a rich foam around ..
29.90 SAR 34.50 SAR
Ex Tax:26.00 SAR
Cade oil shampoo. Anti-dandruff shampoo It works to prevent dandruff. Cleans hair and gives it softness and shine. Capacity 250 ml. Moroccan made...
29.90 SAR
Ex Tax:26.00 SAR
For lively and shiny hair It moisturizes and softens hair thanks to its rich formula with argan oil and other plant extracts that soothes the hair and leaves it shiny and healthy 250 ml Moroccan made..
28.75 SAR
Ex Tax:25.00 SAR
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