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Mjnna online

Markets are a mirror of society:

it reflects its people, economy, traditions and norms. In its popularity, you speak of  a fruitful, young and a strong community, and it may expand beyond place, and linger through the ages. Mjnna Store was one of the three major markets of ancient Arabs at Hajj Season beside Okaz Market and Thil Majaz Market. It used to be held in Kinana’ lands near Makah in the last ten days of Dhu al-Qa'dah. It was a major trade market for all Peninsula’s merchants who would come from near and afar to present all kinds of products that famed their lands.

Based on our wish to revive the ancient history of our region, and in an attempt of merging the genuineness of history with modernity, we established the electronic market of Mjnna Store  which contains different categories that include wide range of products to meet the needs of the consumer. This is done in cooperation with vast group of suppliers, vendors, and merchants in order to safely and practically supply the consumer with the products that fulfill their needs.

Mjnna online is a platform that helps the consumer in finding their needs easily and smoothly to facilitate the transaction procedure between the vendor and consumer, exactly as was the ancient Mjnna Store .