Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I change my account details and/or my address and password?
Yes, you can. All you have to do is to sign in to your account and then make the changes you want. 

Can I change my contact details like Username and Email ID?
As a buyer, you can change most of your account details. But as a seller, in case you wish to edit your Email ID or Username, you need to contact Mjnna's Customer Service and they will help you with that. 

I forgot my account password. What should I do?
You can click on "forgotten password" on Mjnna login page and enter the registered email address. User will receive an email instruction for resetting the password. 

What if I needed any support or if I have any inquiry?
You can contact our customer service team via phone, E-mail or WhatsApp. Our contact details are provided at "contact" page. 

What is Mjnna Online?
Mjnna Online is an electronic marketplace. It is an up-to-date platform that uses the latest technology to provide a wide range of options for sellers and buyers to transact through an online secure environment. 

How can I buy items online?
First, you have to register for an account at Mjnna Online and then browse the site and purchase whatever you want. We offer a variety of payment methods that suit your budgets and individual needs. After placing an order, you will receive the items you purchased via one of the courier companies delivered to the address you already set.

I need to talk directly with a buyer/ seller. Can I do that?
Yes, you can contact a seller or a buyer via our customer service team through the "Contact Us" page. 

Can I buy and have items delivered to a country that is not listed among the ones where Mjnna provides its services?
Unfortunately, no. you cannot. 

Why does the courier company contact me?
The courier company contacts you to arrange your delivery in case you are a buyer, or the pickup in case you are the seller.
Therefore, it is recommended to answer such phone calls in a timely manner to avoid any delay in your order. It is also advisable to be available at the place and time agreed for the delivery with the courier company in order to avoid any
additional costs. 

What is the Warranty Policy at Mjnna Online?
The Warranty Policy at Mjnna Online provides guarantee in case of a defect in the item within a specified period after the purchase, and for specific products.
In case you are the seller, the maintenance guarantee will be via us. In case of purchasing items from a seller other than us, the guarantee terms of that seller will be applied, which are generally written in the product specifications, so it is recommended to read it well before the purchase.