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Privacy Policy for Mjnna Store at Digital Distribution Establishment for Information Technology registered by number 4030064711.

Thank you for signing in Mjnna Electronic Store, run by Digital Distribution Establishment for Information Technology. Our website respects your privacy and protects your personal data. For more information, please read the privacy policy below.

The privacy policy explains how we collect and use your personal data (under certain circumstances). And it states the procedures we adhere to guarantee the privacy of your data. Finally, this policy specify the available choice you have regarding collecting your personal data and using and disclosing it. And by visiting our website directly or through another website, you agree on the activities clarified in this policy.

Protecting your data is very important to us. Then, your name and other information will be used according to what is stated in the privacy policy. We will collect your information when necessary or if it were of direct and mandatory relation to our  business with you.

We will keep your information according to the law or to be used for the reasons it was collected for.

You can surf the website without the need of providing any personal data. And your identity will remain anonymous throughout your surfing the website, and it will not be revealed unless you have an account on the website with which you log in by using a user name and a password.

We will, at all times, keep the privacy and secrecy of all personal data we collect, we will not sell or trade or rent of disclose this information to any third party from outside this website or its subordinate websites. This data will not be disclosed unless forced by law or if this action would be legally requested, or in order to protect the property rights of this website or it shareholders.

The privacy policy is concerned about the way we collect, maintain, and use your personal information and how we protect it. And by personal information we mean any information related to a person and is used to identify him/her. It is mandatory to view our privacy policy.

We do not take into consideration any information of unknown origin because it is not proper for forming personal information, but we collect information from those who are willing to use Mjnna electronic store or its related application or to sign into it or its related Internet pages (including but not limited to selling or purchasing any goods, or when you contact our customer support team via phone or via e-mail). Once you provide your personal information, you authorize us to process these information according to the terms and conditions of our (privacy Policy).

We might amend our (privacy policy) at any time by announcing the amendment and  posting the revised version on the website. The revised version of the privacy policy will be valid since its posting date. Your continuing to use the website after posting the revised version is considered as your acceptance on the terms and conditions mentioned in the revised version concerning our method in processing and dealing with your personal information which you already have provided.


Collecting and using your personal information

We collect your information by using different methods on our website in order to facilitate using the website for you, to help you in finding the information , products and services faster, to notify you about any new information, products or services we are providing, to provide support and service from our customer’s support team, and to measure and improve the quality of our service, and to prevent illegal practices and comply to the terms of use agreement signed with you (use agreement).

When signing up or using the website you will be asked to provide:

1-    Personal information like: your name, shipping address, e-mail address and/or phone number (we might need some additional information sometimes like your birthday date, or any other information that defines your identity. Add to that, and to document your identity, we might need you to provide a valid proof of your ID (like a copy of your passport, entry permit, residency certificate, ID and/or driving license).

2-    Financial information like: your credit card and/or your bank account details.


Your information might be collected by different methods:

1-    By collecting information about your activities on the website whether selling or buying products.

2-    By collecting reviews and comments about your use of the website, to know your preferences and interests, and for statistical purposes.

3-    By collecting information related to your contact with customer’s support team, or by answering surveys , or by your own evaluation.

Please note that we might use your IP address, which is an address you get when you use the internet, set by your server or internet provider, in order to analyze your practices and to improve the website management.

Although we are keen to protect your privacy, we might need to disclose any information we collect or use or receive:

1-    If it was requested or allowed by law, like complying to summon order or any other legal procedure , and when we think, with good intention, that disclosing the information is mandatory to protect our rights, and to protect your safety and the safety of others, and to investigate a fraud, or complying to the government’s request.

2-    In case Mjnna electronic store was sold of any of its affiliates to a potential buyer in order to continue the website’s activity.

We will not sell, trade, rent or disclose any of your personal information to any third party within our business activity, and we will only share your personal information according to what is mentioned in the privacy policy.

By signing up in the website, you authorize us to deliver you promotional e-mails about our services, or about any change or new additions to the website, and the application. If you do not wish to receive such e-mails, you have to check the link to stop sending these e-mails to your e-mail address, which is available below any of these e-mails.

In addition to that, we will use your notes about the website for marketing purposes. And by providing these notes, you approve on using these notes for marketing purposes.

-         Using, signing in, surfing, and amending your personal information

You can view, update, and in some cases, change your account information by visiting “my account” page on Mjnna store. If your personal information changes in any way, or you give incorrect information, you have to update and correct it immediately, either by displaying it on “my account”, or by contacting customer’s support team in Mjnna store.

  Links for third party websites

Our website might include links for other websites. And we are here to draw your attention that we are not responsible for protecting the privacy of the information you provide while visiting these websites, and these websites does not comply to this very privacy policy.

 Misleading e-mails

We are strict regarding unwanted e-mails. If you wish to report such spam e-mails or phish e-mails, please send an e-mail to or You are not allowed to use our own contact tools to send spam e-mails or breach our user agreement. We automatically check e-mails and we might use manual filtering to check whether there are spam e-mails or viruses or worms or any dubious or illegal activities.

-  Protecting your personal information

We are committed to guarantee protecting your personal information from reach or disclosing by any unauthorized party. We have set all needed procedures for this purpose, whether electronically or on field to protect and secure all information we collect from our website.

Yet, we cannot guarantee transacting data via internet or wireless network. Therefore, while we are keen to protect your personal information, you are requested to enter the user name and password at each sign in or any activity on the website. You should choose your password cautiously by using numbers, letters and characters. Do not share your username and password with any one.

In case you have any doubt about breaching your username or password, please contact customer’s support team at Mjnna immediately, and change your password by visiting “my account” page.


How to contact Mjnna electronic store for inquiry regarding (privacy policy)

If you have and questions or inquiries regarding the methods we use in collecting and using your personal information, please contact customer’s support team by clicking “customer support” at the top of the web page on the website or the application.

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