Benefits of natural soap with sulfur

Benefits of natural soap with sulfur
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Benefits of natural soap with sulfur
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  • Benefits of natural soap with sulfur:
  • Natural sulfur soap 80 g, soft and fat-free, cleans the body from bacteria and molds, eliminates skin problems (acne, eczema, itching, psoriasis ...). Effective on oily skin and relieves itchy skin.
  • The benefits of sulfur soap are very useful in the treatment of pills and peeling, and treatment of acne and eliminate it and eliminate the effects and prevent it from forming, and the results of its use is rapid, which appears almost a week after use. Effectively removes freckles from the face. Cleanses and disinfects the skin. It removes fat on the skin, fights bacteria and viruses and removes dirt. Exfoliates dead cells in the epidermis. Very useful in getting smooth and pure skin from impurities. Opens dark areas of skin and unifies color. It treats skin diseases as it treats eczema, psoriasis and various patches. The color of the elbows and heels opens. The sulfur soap removes the keratin layers formed on the elbows and heels. Fights itching and germs and eliminates fungi. It is useful for getting very soft and moist skin. Treat dandruff. It is used to lighten sensitive places in the body. Sulfur soap activates the skin and opens its pores. It is also used to treat facial skin in the treatment of skin of the neck, back and abdomen. Provides skin with a high degree of hydration The skin is peeled and peeled off.
  • Moroccan industry.
  • 80 grams

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